Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association

Chapter 25-3

 Vets Helping Vets

CVMA Chapter 25-3

By Laws

​​Article I: Purpose and Objectives

1.  The Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association, Georgia Chapter 25-3, herein referred to as “Chapter”, is formed for the betterment of communication and camaraderie between other motorcycle associations, veterans organizations, and/or motorcycle groups.

    a.  To promote interest in various forms of activities associated with Veterans.

    b.  To create and maintain camaraderie among Combat Veterans from all United States branches of military services and its allies.
    c.  To support Veteran Organizations.
    d.  To raise awareness for the plight of veterans who are Prisoners of Wars, Missing in Action, Wounded in Action and their families.
    e.  To conduct Chapter functions and activities in a manner befitting the full, auxiliary and support members of the

         Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association.
    f.  To encourage a better understanding of motorcycle riding as a constructive sport among members of the public, press, and law enforcement agencies.

2.  The Chapter is not, nor does it claim to be, a Motorcycle Club (MC).  It does not have “colors” and does not “prospect.”  It does not lay claim to exclusive territory.

Article II: Name and Jurisdiction

1.  This Chapter shall be known as the Combat Veteran’s Motorcycle Association, Georgia, Chapter 25-3

2.  Principle Office:

    a.  The principle office of the Chapter shall be located at the following address:

               Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association - Georgia 25-3 Inc.
               104 Daisy Log Rd.
               Blairsville, Ga. 30512

    b.  Change of Address:  The Chapter’s elected officers, herein referred to as “Officers”, may change the principal office from one location to another within the named state of incorporation during the course of conducting business.  If a change of address is made then the bylaws will be updated by the Officers to reflect such change and the membership of the Chapter will be notified of said change within 1 week.

3.  IRC 501(c)(19) exempts from federal income tax a post or organization of past or present members of the Armed Forces of the United States, or an auxiliary unit or society of, or a trust or foundation for any such post or organization. These organizations may conduct a broad range of activities without jeopardizing their tax-exempt status, provided they satisfy the requirements. Examination procedures for IRC 501(c)(19) veterans' organizations are covered in IRM 4.76.26.

4.  The emblem and logo used by members of the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association (CVMA) are the sole property of CVMA. The CVMA emblem and logo cannot be reproduced without license from the National Board of Directors (NBOD)

Article III: Meetings

1.  The members present at any meeting shall constitute a quorum.

2.  Scheduled meetings:  Shall be Bi-Monthly, all regularly scheduled Chapter meetings will be scheduled one month in advance and date, place and time will be made available to all members by the Secretary.  In the case of rescheduling of a meeting, notice will be given to the membership of the cancellation.

3.  Special Meetings:  Special meetings can be called by an officer or requested by at least two members of the chapter through their chain of command. The chain of command shall send notice and call the special meeting

4.  An agenda will be made before each meeting and provided to the membership at least one week in advance with input from the Officers and included in the following items in accordance with Chapter Bylaws.  The agenda shall follow the format listed below.

    a.  Call Meeting to Order
    b.  Pledge of Allegiance / Opening Prayer
    c.  Introduction of Guest(s)
    d.  Roll Call  /  Membership Card Check
    e.  Reading/Review of the Minutes last meeting
    f.  Treasurer’s Report
    g.  Old Business
    h.  Open for New Business
    i.  Committee Reports
    j.  Announcements / open discussion / other business
    k. Other items of interest
    l.  Auxiliary Report
  m.  Adjournment / Announce next meeting from Meeting Schedule

5.  All meeting minutes will be archived by the Secretary and a copy minutes will be made available to the membership for review.  A vote to accept the meeting minutes as written will be taken at the next scheduled meeting.

Article IV: Membership

1.  Membership definitions and requirements are as defined in Article III of the National CVMA Bylaws.

2.  Resignation from overall organization, the CVMA, shall be in accordance with National CVMA Bylaws and provide notification to the chain of command.

3.  Resignation from an elected or appointed position can be tendered at any time.  Notification of said resignation must be provided to the Officers through formal communication.  Replacement of an elected or appointed position will be made in accordance with these bylaws.

4.  Voluntarily leave:  When voluntarily leaving the chapter the member must notify the State Representative and Chapter Officers, either through e-mail or in writing, as a record copy must be maintained.
    a.  One can leave one chapter for another or be a member-at-large at the state level.  All Chapter property remains with the Chapter.
    b.  Should members leave this chapter to go to another chapter, no Chapter funds or resources follow them.
    c.  Should members leave the Chapter to create another chapter, no funds or resources follow them.  In this case, the new chapter can request from all state chapters help with the start-up costs, and this chapter will address the request at the next meeting.

5.  Event Attendance:  Each member should attend a minimum of at least one event hosted by either the Chapter or the National CVMA per year. This can also be an event in any member's state if prior approval is obtained by the State Representative (SR) from the governing body of the CVMA.

6.  Member Conduct:  All members must conduct themselves in a manner that is not an embarrassment to themselves, the CVMA, or the United States of America.

7.  Misconduct:

    a.  In the event of misconduct by any member, under the bylaws of the CVMA, the NBOD possesses the right to revoke that member's membership.  Misconduct is defined as failure to abide by the bylaws of the Chapter and National CVMA.
    b.  To help avoid bringing dishonor upon the Combat Veterans Association in action, word(s), or deeds. Always remember:

                ii.  WE DO NOT HAVE COLORS!
               iii.  WE DO NOT PROSPECT!
               iv.  WE DO HAVE AN ASSOCIATION FEE!

8.  Licenses: All members must possess a valid motorcycle driver’s license endorsed by their state and proof of insurance for their motorcycle at all times while riding with the Chapter.

Article V: Chain of Concern 

The chain of concern SHALL be utilized for all members of the Chapter.  If the member using the Chain of Concern does not get a satisfied answer from his immediate member of the chain of Concern, he/she has the right to move to the next person in the Chain of Concern, once the member has used everyone in the chain of concern except the Executive Officer and Commander.  The member will put his complaint in writing and give it to the Executive Officer for review by him and the Commander.  The Commander and Executive Officer will resolve the problem by the next meeting.

1.  Chapter Chain of Concern Starting for lowest to highest:

    a.  Secretary
    b.  Sergeant at Arms
    c.  Executive Officer
    d.  Chapter Commander

Article VI: Chain of Command:

1.  The Following is the Chapter Chain of Command from highest to lowest:

    a.  Chapter Commander
    b.  Chapter Executive Officer
    c.  Sergeant at Arms
    d.  Chapter Secretary
    e.  Chapter Treasurer
    f.  Chapter Public Relations Officer

Article VII: Duties and Responsibilities of Officers

1.  The Chapter Officers shall constitute the Chapter Executive Board (CEB), responsible for the execution, through its officers of the authorized policies, by majority votes, filling vacancies in any office of the Chapter and submits through the Chapter meetings any recommendations affecting the policies of the Chapter which have been previously approved.

2.  The Chapter Commander will preside over all meetings of the Chapter; Serve as chairman of the CEB, act as executive officer member of all committees, issue the call for regular and special Chapter meetings, schedule regular elections, and ensure they are held in association with this constitution, and carry out the directives of the CEB.  The Treasurer and Secretary positions are both accountable to the CEB.

3.  The Chapter Executive Officer (XO) will perform all duties of the Commander in his or her absence.   The XO will coordinate the standing committee chairperson and will make concerted efforts to attend meetings or be in communication for timely up-dates.  The XO is ex-officio member of each standing committee and/or sanctioned event and will be the liaison officer between the committee and CEB.  The XO is responsible for all duties and directives as assigned by the Chapter Commander or the CEB members.  The Officer may decline the assignment if immediate or timely notice is given to the requesting Officer and another is appointed.  The XO will be accountable to the Chapter Commander and the CEB for his action and decisions.

4.  The Chapter Secretary shall keep minutes of the Chapter general membership meetings, and assume all duties of the office.  The Secretary shall provide copies of the meeting minutes no later than one week after the Meeting.

5.  The Chapter Treasurer will collect dues and other forms of income due to the association, maintain the accounting books, make payments from the associations funds when so ordered by the Officers, sign all associations checks (along with another officers signature) and make regular reports of the Chapter financial status to the Officers and the general membership.  The Treasurer will be required to file all the necessary forms and paper work as required by the State and Federal regulatory agencies.

6.  The Chapter Sergeant at Arms (SAA) will maintain order during meetings and will check member driver licenses, registration, and insurance before the start of each meeting. The SAA has the right to challenge anyone’s admission or dismissal from the Meeting.  The SAA, or his designee, shall be responsible for maintaining the Chapter’s Sign-in sheet.  The SAA shall be accountable to the Chapter Commander and the CEB for his actions and decisions.  The SAA shall carry out the duties and directives given by the Chapter Commander.  They are overall responsible to the CEB for his action and decisions.

7.  The Chapter Public Relations Officer (PRO) will maintain a file of events, participation, news articles, community events, etc. and have it ready to present at each meeting and all Chapter functions. The PRO will be in charge of the entire Chapter’s publicity, in conjunction with and approved by the Officers.  Duties will include: Historian, club file, pictures, newspaper articles, TV and radio announcements and the Chapters communication process.  In addition the PRO will work and coordinate with the Chapter Webmaster in order to update and or post pertinent information in behalf of the Chapter.


1.  Nominations:  All nominees for any Chapter office must be active and in good standing in the association with a minimum of one full year membership and dues must be current. Retired members cannot hold a CVMA officer position.  A Chapter member being nominated must be present to accept the nomination and to be elected.

2.  Elected/Appointed Officials:  All elected and or appointed Officers must remain active members in good standing for the duration of the term while in office.

3.  Vacancy of office:  If any member of the Chapter is relieved, dies or resigns from an appointed or elected position the chapter will vote in accordance with the bylaws at the next scheduled meeting to fill the vacated position.  The newly elected Officer will finish out the term of that position.  Unless that term is less than 6 months then the newly elected Officer will continue through the next term.

4.  Election Proceedings:

    a.  Elections will be conducted in accordance to the Roberts Rule of Order
    b.  Regular Chapter elections shall be held at the December meeting
    c.  Special elections may be held on an as needed basis.
    d.  The officers will have a staggered election period in the following order:

           Commander / Treasurer /Public Relations Officer                                   24 Months - Even Years
           Executive Officer / Secretary / Sergeant At Arms                                   24 Months - Odd Years
           Quartermaster / Chaplain                                                                         Appointed by the Officers

2.  Candidates for an office MUST declare their intentions at least one meeting prior to the designated election date unless the election is a special election.

3.  Absentee Ballots will only be authorized under the following criteria.

    a.  Those members on active duty, reserve, and National Guard who are forward deployed TDY, or Drill Status.  These full members may submit their votes to at least two of the chapter officers telephonically or electronically.
    b.  Absentee Ballots cannot be used for votes on Officer Positions, Bylaws or Bylaw proposals.

4.  Chapter Delegates will be appointed by Chapter Commander and are subject to the approval of the Officers, to represent the association at any convention, meeting, rally, or other assembly that may be deemed necessary, and all delegations are authorized to exercise only those powers specifically vested in them by the CEB.

ARTICLE VIIII: Amendments and Bylaw Changes

1.  These Chapter by-laws may be altered, or repealed and new Chapter by-laws adopted only at a Chapter meeting with at least a two-thirds vote of the quorum.

2.  Approved and accepted Chapter amendments will be forwarded to the State Rep and the National Board of Directors (NBOD) for review and will take effect immediately upon NBOD approval.


We hereby certify that the above bylaws were read at a Chapter meeting and adopted on December 17, 2016, by a two-thirds (2/3) affirmative vote of those present and voting.

               Gregory “SLINGBLADE” Moon ///SIGNED///                                           Robert “BANDIT” Denison///SIGNED///                               

               Chapter Commander                                                                                     Chapter Secretary